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B L U E    I N    T H E    F A C E

Picture Page

Stock for Sale :|: Mini Rex
4/14/08 LOTS of babies in the nest boxes...

+ BITF Blue Doe::CLICK for PED+

Blue Junior Doe | 'BITF Blue Doe'

Kelly's Misto X BITF Antoinette:|: DOB: 5/05/06

Sold to SS Rabbitry of York!

+ BITF Broken Opal Buck::CLICK for PED+

Broken Opal Junior Buck | 'BITF Broken Opal Buck'| $40.00

BITF Knuckles X DC's Nica

This buck has very nice type and fur, and has a well distributed pattern. He also has a really deep hip, and is very well filled with solid shoulders. He is a bit on the larger side, but here is your chance to get the same lines that won at Convention in the north east!

+ BITF Castor Junior Buck::CLICK for PED+

Castor Junior Buck | $45.00

Rogers' Over and Out X Rogers' Halo :|:

Nice little Castor buck for show or herd sire. This buck is extremely small and has nice bright ring. he would use a little better density, but he is still coming into junior prime, so it should improve with time.

+ BITF Castor Junior Doe::CLICK for PED+

Castor Junior Doe

Rogers' Over and Out X Rogers' Halo :|:

Sold to SS Rabbitry of York!

This site is still under heavy construction, so please check back soon for more updates...

In newest litters,I currently have several Opals and Broken Opals. Also a few Booted Reds and solid Red.

From the new litters, when they are old enough to be sold, new pictures will be posted.


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