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B L U E    I N    T H E    F A C E

Registered Rabbitry # X 1 6 8 --North eastern PA

+Kelly's Vandal+

Opal Mini Rex Herdsire | 'Kelly's Vandal'

Bred by: Kelly Garrity,   Midori no Daichi Rabbitry

When an ideal, affectionate pet becomes a show stopping exhibit, the ledgend of a rabbitry is born.

This site is still under heavy construction, so please check back soon for more updates...

Blue in the Face is located in north eastern PA just 30 minutes south of the Poconos. The selected variety in Mini Rex is Himalayan ~ Exclusively. I am also now working on White New Zealands, Californians, and dabbling in Satins, with a nice Blue doe. Blue in the Face is owned and operated by Jeremy Gordon ~ Saylorsburg, PA. I am breeding, selecting, and culling for animals that will really make my herd stand out! I have been breeding Mini Rex for about 4 years now and I started with 3 rabbits in September of 2004 and now have a herd with 25 show rabbits. The main objective is to increase Type, Density and Texture of coat, and PRESENCE on the Mini Rex, while maintaining excellent temperament, and genetically sound Animals. A lot of my very nice starter Mini Rex came from Cindy Servis @ Icebox rabbitry. Cindy's Website is Icebox Rabbitry

My sales page is up and is not as frequently updated as I would like. CHECK back for new additions. At the present time I am working on adding more animals to my Sales page. If you are interested in seeing what we may have for sale, please feel free to E-mail me and see what is coming out of the nestbox, and juniors hitting the showtables. I am trying to update my site since it is long overdue. I should have some new Pics of the New Zealands, the Cals and the Satin in the next couple of weeks, so check back!!


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M A K I N G .   THE .   M I N I .   R E X .  
W O R L D .
   H O L D .    I T ' S .   B R E A T H .

Pictures coming soon!


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