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B L U E    I N    T H E    F A C E

American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.

Midori no Daichi Rabbitry
Small show rabbitry specializing in Chinchilla, and Seal Mini Rex, located in north eastern Pennsylvania. Other colors are availible on occasion, imcluding Silver Marten, Sable, Smoke Pearl, Himi and Whites.

Lake Vue Farm (Previously Rogers' Rabbitland)
EXCEPTIONAL quality Mini Rex in many colors, including Castor, Broken, Otter, and Black. Also Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, wonderful White New Zealands, and Checkered Giants. You can also find quality Boer Goats, and sheep there, located in Ohio.

Icebox Rabbitry
Highly competitive show Mini Rex in a variety of colors - Reds, Tortoise, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Brokens and others. Cindy Servis is also the author of a fantastic book, 'The Breeder's and Buyer's Guide to Type Traits'.


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