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B L U E    I N    T H E    F A C E

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+BITF Blue Mini Rex+

' Blue Mini Rex '

Blue Mini Rex have been here from the beginning, and were at one point a primary focus. I had considered dropping the Blue Variety for my favor of the Opals, but when quality presents itself in a different colored package, you just continue to where it brings you.
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+BITF Himalayan Mini Rex+

' Himalayan Mini Rex '

Himalayan is a fairly uncommon color in Mini Rex, with the Blue Himi being harder to find that the Black. I will be incorperating my high quality Blues into my Himalayan line to try and develop a well typed and furred line of excellent colored Blue Himalayans. Some whites will also be listed here if they are to be used in the Himi project.
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+BITF Opal Mini Rex+

' Opal Mini Rex '

Opal Mini Rex are my personal favorite variety. Their soft two toned color makes perfection an ever challenging quest. Opal is a dilute, but should be just as competitive as their Castor counterpart. Working on kicking the right golden fawn rufous up a few nothces, as well as genetically setting the deep slate undercolor keeps me busy with my favorite variety.Genetically helpful Whites can be seen here if they will be used in the Opal program.
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+BITF Red and Tortoise Mini Rex+

'Red and Tortoise Mini Rex '

Red Mini Rex are relatively new here at BITF. They are very beautiful varieties when done correctly. The only compatible variety with Red is Tortoise, and as I get many Torts out of me Red x Red breedings, they are both used together here as one variety.
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+BITF Other Variety Mini Rex+

'Other colored Mini Rex '

Here you will find some of our other varieties of Mini Rex. These are the colors that we are not focusing on at this time, but still will be used in our breeding programs above. Here you will be finding the Whites, Castor's and others that are essential to bringing the Quality of our herd up.
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+BITF Flemish Giants+

' BITF Flemish Giants '

Flemish Giants are a relatively new adventure for me. I started with the Light Gray variety, but since I was wanting more consistant type and fur, not to mention size, I decided to work on the Sandy and Fawn varieties. I will hopefully have more pictures as soon as my one and only litter complete their moult, so please check back soon!
Click on the FLEMISH GIANT RABBIT to go to the Flemish page

+BITF Tans+

' BITF Tans '

Tans are also new, but I have loved their firey color and lively personalities since I attended my first rabbit show. I will be breeding my pair this spring, and will try and keep pictures posted.
Click on the TAN RABBIT to go to the Tan's page.

This site is still under heavy construction, so please check back soon for more updates...

Several young animals will be weaned soon...check out the sales page for updates!!

Look for some of these rabbits on the table at this year's convention in Indianapolis.


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