Hop Chocolate Bucks!

Bucks currently residing at the rabbitry:

Lake Country Blazer
Broken Chocolate Mini Rex Senior Buck

I LOVE THIS BUCK! Thank you Kati Hanson for selling him to me! He placed 8th of 101 Broken JRB's at the 2011 Convention in Indy, and will be shown at the 2012 PaSRBA show.

Maximus Yogi
Chocolate Mini Rex Senior Buck

And older Chocolate buck, and also Wombat's sire. Thanks Gallagher's for allowing me to acquire him! Very nice type and fur, color off due to moult in this picture.

Hop Chocolate Miss You
Lilac Mini Rex Senior Buck

A nice little well balanced Lilac buck with very good type and fur.

Celtic Dream's Idle Will Kill (Wombat)
Chocolate Otter Mini Rex Senior Buck

My foundation herd buck from the Gallagher's. This is an oversized buck, but he produces excellent type and fur, plus easy going temperaments.

Gwin's Hard Candy
Black Himalayan Senior Buck

This buck does not have a good topline, but he has GREAT dense and soft fur. Just what I needed!

Zayla's ???
Chocolate Himalayan Senior Buck

Nicely typed buck, will be used on the does from resulting from last summer's breeding season!

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