Hop Chocolate Sales policy - PLEASE READ!!


Once I have been contacted and purchase agreement has been made, I will not reserve any rabbit(s) for longer than 2 weeks without a 50% non-refundable deposit... after that time, unless other arrangements have been made, the rabbit will be re-listed for sale.

When I have received that deposit, I will only reserve the rabbit(s) for 2wks. If you do not show up when/where agreed on I will only attempt to contact you one time to reschedule a meeting... if you do not reply within a reasonable amount of time or if we arrange a 2nd meeting and you do not show up again, the animal will automatically resold / deposit forfeited. ***NOTE: The rabbit does not become your property until it has been paid for in full.

I prefer rabbit(s) to be paid for with cash or a money order/certified check. But, if you are paying by personal or business check, I will not release the pedigree or other papers (GC Cert, Legs, etc) until after the check has cleared my account. If the check is returned for NSF - you are responsible for paying the cost of the check plus *all* of our fee's incurred due to this... if this is not fully paid within 5 business days, I will retake possession of the rabbit at that time - all/any money I received as deposit will also be forfeited.

It is the buyer's responsibility to follow through with picking the rabbit(s) up at the specified location at the time/day/place it was originally agreed upon. If it is necessary for the buyer to arrange transportation to pick up rabbit(s), the buyer is responsible for any/all costs associated with doing so and for making any/all arrangements for the pickup to take place. *If a 3rd party picks up rabbit(s), I am in no way liable for said-rabbit(s) once it leaves our possession. **Time limitations stated above still apply if 3rd party becomes involved in the transaction.

I reserve all rights to stop a sale and/or cancel at any time and for any reason.

I reserve all rights to change prices according to development, age, and breeding abilities.

I do not and can not guarantee winnings or placements of rabbit(s) sold as show quality. If I sell it at show quality that only means that - in our own opinion - I feel that rabbit(s) has the ability to be shown and that it has no known disqualifications at the time it leaves our possession.

I do not and can not guarantee brood quality rabbit(s) will produce offspring - regardless if it has or has not proven to have live litters for me or not. By selling it as brood quality, we only feel that the said rabbit(s) are better suited for breeding purposes and they may or may not have minor (NON-hereditary) disqualifying traits.

I will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries, or damages caused by rabbits once they leave my possession.

I do my best to point out any faults (in my opinion) with the rabbit (such as weak color, etc). If there is a problem with the rabbit and I know about it - I will tell you upfront. However, you are fully responsible for checking the rabbit from head to toe at the time it is picked up. If this is not done and later a problem is found, no replacements or refunds will be made.

If I sell a doe that has been bred by me before you pick it up, with the agreement that I get a baby(s) back from that breeding, I do expect the agreement to be carried thru and honored fully. *I can not guarantee that a breeding will be successful - however, I will offer to rebreed the same doe to the same buck 2 more times to re-attempt conception. All transportation, fees, etc., are your full responsibility.

If the rabbit is sold with the agreement that it is offered back to me if /when you sell it, we expect this to be fully honored and if it is not, I have the right to refuse to sale another rabbit to you for that reason.

Sales Policy