Kelly's Sterling -
F1 Hotot X Silver Fox JRD

Show Results and Rabbitry News!!!

2010 National Convention :
2 animals shown, Placed 1st JRB, & BOSB with Kelly's Pirate (leg), & 4th JRD with Kelly's Target.

2011 PaSRBA Mini Convention:
Saturday: 1st SRB with "Earboy", 1ST 6/8 Doe, & BOSB with Kelly's Target, 1st JRD. BOB won by Kelly's Captain Emo 6/8 Buck, owned by Chris Hagerty
Sunday: 1st SRB with "Earboy", 1st 6/8 Doe, & BOB with Kelly's Target (leg), 1st JRD.

2011 HRBI National Show :
5 animals shown, Placed 1st SRB, & BOB with Kelly's Captain Emo (leg, Owned by Chris Hagerty), 2nd SRD with Grapevine's Ingrid, 1st SRD with Kelly's Target & 4th JRD with Kelly's Miffed.

2011 HRBI National "after" Specialty Show :
5 animals shown, Placed 2nd SRB with "Earboy", 1st SRD, & BOB with Grapevine's Ingrid (leg), 2nd SRD with Kelly's Target, & 1st JRD with Kelly's Miffed (leg).

We are incorporating some select animals into a hybrid project to try and retain the traits of a true to type Blanc de Hotot. We want correct heads and ears, the correct longer, lustrous, chalky fur with its profusion of gard hairs, we wish to improve the body type, and open the gene pool to introduce hybrid vigor without spoiling the correct BREED TYPE of the Blanc de Hotot! What we DO NOT want is New Zealands with eye bands.

If this New Zealand type animal is what you want, PLEASE look into creating a new variety of New Zealand!!!