Blanc de Hotot For Sale:

KG14P - Hotot JRD. Out of Emo and Phantom, this doe is going to be HUGE! She tipped the scales at 6lbs as a weanling @ 9 weeks. She is show marked, and free from ear and nose freckling. Asking $75.00

KG17P - Hotot JRD. Out of Emo and Phantom again, this doe is a bit smaller, but has a shorter body. Her eye bands are weak in overall color, and actually show some silvering through out their entirety. The bands are very even and well formed, and she has a very nice dense coat of fur! She is show marked, and free of disqualifying stray spots and freckles. Asking $50.00

KG12H - Hotot JRD. Out of Emo and Hannah, this is your only chance to get a hanna kit, as we lost her while kindling her last litter. This doe has a very large and smooth body with an excellent quality coat. I would like to see more gard hairs present, but overall she is a very good representation of the breed! Asking $125.00

KG15P - Sport JRB. This buck out of Emo and Phantom has exceptional eye bands, good type, and fur. He does have a DQ though, a spot on the back side of his ear. Asking $50.00

Stock Availible Later:
To be announced.