Current Blanc de Hotot Show, Brood and promising young Does:

Just as a good buck is half of your herd, substantial, smooth, and refined does showing femininity and potential in the breeding barn is the other half of your program. Our girls are not only beautiful to look at, but also produce lovely large litters!

Hinderman's Claudia Schiffer - Senior Doe
Wilkinson's Haschen X Hinderman's Cindy

HiTail's Fantom - Senior Doe
Thunder Hill's Guy x Grapevine's Ingrid

Kelly's Miffed - Senior Doe
Hinderman's Nevada x Grapevine's Ingrid

Kelly's Target - Senior Doe
Clark's C56 x Grapevine's Ingrid

Kelly's Hallianna - Junior Doe
Kelly's Captain Emo x Hinderman's Hannah

Kelly's Phantasm - Junior Doe
Kelly's Captain Emo x HiTail's Fantom

Hinderman's Veronika - Junior Doe
Hinderman's Mr. Incredible x Saturn's 003HT

Hinderman's Mina - Junior Doe
Hinderman's Bob x TL's Piper

Stock Availible Later:
To be announced.